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Some small web projects I've done in my personal time.

Lasers & Feelings character sheet

a simple Lasers & Feelings character sheet in the browser


a TypeScript react library for creating dynamic text highlights


I keep all my recipes in a git repo of markdown files. Frequently updated!

Alone among the stars

A tiny web version of a cool card game

Bug prioritizer

A little bug severity calculator I knocked together when we were figuring out a bug triage system at Casebook in 2020

Coffee pacer

A timer I made for making pour-over coffee

Choose your own adventure

An (unfinished) experiment with making choose your own adventure stories

Emoji HTML code lookup

A simple lookup for Emoji HTML entities


It's like wordle, but you guess the hex code for a random color

What to listen to?

A little glitch app my wife and I made for randomly selecting one of our vinyl records

Pour over schedule calculator

A little calculator I made for timing pour-over coffee

Sourdough converter

A simple tool to convert normal yeasted recipes to sourdough

TNG Sounds

A little Star Trek The Next Generation soundboard

Tuning fork robot

A simple tuning fork web app I made to experiment with the Web Audio API

Turnip calc

A turnip returns calculator for Animal Crossings: New Horizons